House of Fraser – Victoria Centre

A new place for Kerry, but a blast from the past for me. A decent variety on the menu, Kerry considered something more substantial but in the end we went for a tried and tested cake and coffee combo, as we should given the title of the blog.

Kerry had an American and slice of chocolate fudge cake and I had a decasf latte and slice of traybake. Not sure of prices as I forgot to get a receipt but total was a touch under £9.

My decaf latte was okay, not made with filter coffee but it tasted better than others I’ve had made with instant! The traybake was lovely, crumbly biscuit base and thick chocolate topping with a Minstrel  baked into it.


Kerry enjoyed her coffee, said it wasn’t up to Pret, but that the chocolate fudge cake was amazing, I can agree with that although I had to be quick to get even a taste.

The place itself is nice, enough tables and room and a decent menu, in a good location too so we will go back I am sure.


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