Costa – Waterstones

The last Costa in Nottingham for us to visit, so new if not totally new! I had a medium decaf latte (£2.45) and an Eton Mess muffin (£1.80) whilst Kerry had her usual American, medium, (£2.20) and a triple chocolate muffin (£1.80).

The latte was lovely, the guys in this Costa are superb, always friendly and the quality of their drinks is always excellent. The Eton Mess muffin was something I had seen a few weeks ago but not tried but knew I was going to. It is a soft vanilla sponge with berries and jam inside, icing on top and sprinkled with berries and meringue pieces.



It was very nice, not quite as nice as I had built it up in my mind, but the sheer variety of tastes and textures made it a good eat, cut with a knife or torn apart to munch.

Kerry’s coffee was nice, it looked massive as it comes in a fat cup! He muffin was lovely, chocolate sponge with chocolate chunks on top and gooey chocolate inside.

Given that it is in a book shop the tables are well spaced out, some seem like they probably aren’t meant for coffee drinkers but it makes more space when they are busy!


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