Eat. – Lower Regents Stree

I ordered a decaf latte and a lemon curd slice, Kerry went for an Americano and croissant, total price was only £6.34, a true bargain. No fault of the establishment but we were not in the greatest place emotionally as a woman had just been knocked off her bike and Kerry thought her first aid training would be needed, luckily another first aider was on the scene and a police van also arrived quickly – the girl was not hurt and eventually rode off.

My latte was very nice, and the lemon curd slice was amazing, a shortcake bases with a layer of lemon curd and a crumble top – it did fall apart a little when I was eating it but that didn’t detract from the amazingness of it! Kerry’s croissant and Americano was really nice, the croissant was big and fresh, of course.

The cafe itself was big spacious and clean, we sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine and watching the world pass by.


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