Druckers – Victoria Centre

As we were feeling a little depressed after returning from London we went to our previous favourite coffee shop, sadly it did not make us feel better…

I had a decaf latte and a chocolate cake – but the cake was ‘to go’ so doesn’t really count, Kerry had an Americano and the soup of the day, vegetable soup. First problem was the soup, they had no rolls to go with it so it came with a croissant, odd combination but worth a try she thought!

Once we sat down it was apparent the soup was cold so it was returned and swapped for a Mille-Feuille.

For no real reason I checked the receipt and realised the Americano was a decaf and the latte not, after tasting it was clear that was accurate and so drinks had to be returned too!

After that it was more a matter of just getting it over with sadly. The coffees were nice enough, but after all the messing about it seemed far less enjoyable than it was meant to be. Kerry’s cake was nice, ate half and brought half home as wasn’t really in the mood for cake in the first place!


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