Rapha – Brewer Street

i have wanted to visit Rapha ever since I first became aware of it, and for those not in the know it is a cycling/coffee shop or coffee/cycling shop depending on your inclination.

On the bike shop side is it rather trendy and not at all cheap, but we went there for the coffee luckily. I had a latte and cookie, Kerry had a croissant and ordered an Americano but was advised to try an Ethiopian blend and so she did. Not sure of the breakdown but it was £9.25 in total.

I had a sip of the Ethiopian blend and it was lovely – with a small amount of sugar I could have easily had it black, Kerry is struggling to stop adding sugar to her coffee though and so sweetened it up and added some milk too. She didn’t really enjoy it as it was not strong enough, she did enjoy the croissant, it was big and very fresh and soft.

My latte was beautiful, so smooth and creamy and went down very easily indeed, it was like sipping liquid velvet.



The cookie was fruit and nut, I had thought it was some sort of chocolate, but no loss and it was still nice, not too sweet and with a good crunch for those who’d like to dunk.

The service was excellent, friendly without being over bearing, they even hunted around for butter for the croissant but with no joy. The cafe was clean and very cool, naturally. The décor was cycling oriented , or course, with the live cycling on a few screens around the walls.

I could go every day, just to enjoy the atmosphere and the very nice coffee!


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