Pret a Manger – Marble Arch

We like Pret, very consistent in the quality and you only really have 1 choice to make – once the type of drink you want is sorted – normal or strong. Kerry opted for a strong Americano and I had a normal decaf latte. Didn’t fancy anything too sweet/filling so I opted for crisps whilst Kerry had an apple. Only came to about £5.50, so light on the pocket too.

The latte was lovely, smooth and perfect strength for me. The crisps were mature cheese and red onion, decent amount of flavour but not over-powering. The apple was an apple, as would be expected really, only problem Kerry was encountered was with the knife – she can’t bite into apples and so cuts up before eating, but the knife was plastic so it was a bit of a battle, which she eventually won – huzzah! She really enjoyed the Americano, being able to make strong without having to remember to ask for an extra shot as looking up at the menu is the prompt we need.

For a mega busy place it was nice and clean, everyone was happy to share tables – probably wouldn’t get that in the Nottingham Pret. The guy who served us was new but he took his time and triple checked the order and that is far better than getting the wrong drink.


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