Starbucks – Carrington Street

This is a fairly new Starbucks, it is opposite the train station and as it used to be a pub (a horrible one) we thought it would be quite spacious and modern and the pub looked quite big and modern due to the short time it has being opened.

I had a decaf latte whilst Kerry had an Americano, I also had a huge chocolate chip cookie, Kerry wasn’t hungry – well she was but was saving herself for a burger later. Kerry’s Americano was nice too.

My latte was beautiful, so milky and smooth, there did seem to be quite a layer of foam but that’s better than the coffee being too bitter and needing sugar adding, Kerry tried and it and she’d didn’t object so it must have been pretty good. The cookie was nice too, very big, soft and not too many chocolate chips.


The place itself was not spacious, very difficult to move around, a family came in with a pushchair and there was just no room, it was like Tetris moving the pushchair, the chairs at their table and ours. Pretty much every table had mugs, plates, and associated detritus left everywhere, we were there for just under an hour I think and the tables were cleared once, the rubbish on the floor was not touched once. It felt like they just want customers to order to go and not to cause extra work by staying inside. Only 1 toilet for everyone to share too.

Not a place to recommend for a relaxed sit down, but good if you just want to grab a coffee to go.


Costa – Victoria Centre

Why do we do it to ourselves? The last 4 times I have been to this Costa, whether alone or with Kerry I have left disappointed; I vow that I wont go back again!

Before we even got to order we had to endure the inane banter going on between the staff, 3 working but none serving it seemed. I had a medium decaf latte (£2.45) but I received a large one instead, didn’t realise until we sat down and no point in taking it back really. I also had a lemon tart (£1.95). Kerry had a medium Americano (£2.20) – we think she got the right size at least – and a slice of vanilla and blueberry cake.

My latte was very weak, tasted like warmed milk that had sat near some coffee in the last couple of days. The lemon tart was superb though, clearly not made in store, it had a thin base then a layer of lemon curd and topped with a thick layer of something lovely – not sure what but doesn’t matter.

Kerry’s coffee was nice, not amazing or as good as other Costa’s (as we expected) but it was okay. The vanilla and blueberry cake was so-so, she would have preferred chocolate cake of some description but they had hardly anything to choose from so it was the best of a bad bunch really. A little sickly by the end too.

We sat in their overflow area which is outside the cafe and in the actual shopping centre itself, it wasn’t particularly clean and is regularly used by non-Costa customers too.

Costa – Waterstones

The last Costa in Nottingham for us to visit, so new if not totally new! I had a medium decaf latte (£2.45) and an Eton Mess muffin (£1.80) whilst Kerry had her usual American, medium, (£2.20) and a triple chocolate muffin (£1.80).

The latte was lovely, the guys in this Costa are superb, always friendly and the quality of their drinks is always excellent. The Eton Mess muffin was something I had seen a few weeks ago but not tried but knew I was going to. It is a soft vanilla sponge with berries and jam inside, icing on top and sprinkled with berries and meringue pieces.



It was very nice, not quite as nice as I had built it up in my mind, but the sheer variety of tastes and textures made it a good eat, cut with a knife or torn apart to munch.

Kerry’s coffee was nice, it looked massive as it comes in a fat cup! He muffin was lovely, chocolate sponge with chocolate chunks on top and gooey chocolate inside.

Given that it is in a book shop the tables are well spaced out, some seem like they probably aren’t meant for coffee drinkers but it makes more space when they are busy!

House of Fraser – Victoria Centre

A new place for Kerry, but a blast from the past for me. A decent variety on the menu, Kerry considered something more substantial but in the end we went for a tried and tested cake and coffee combo, as we should given the title of the blog.

Kerry had an American and slice of chocolate fudge cake and I had a decasf latte and slice of traybake. Not sure of prices as I forgot to get a receipt but total was a touch under £9.

My decaf latte was okay, not made with filter coffee but it tasted better than others I’ve had made with instant! The traybake was lovely, crumbly biscuit base and thick chocolate topping with a Minstrel  baked into it.


Kerry enjoyed her coffee, said it wasn’t up to Pret, but that the chocolate fudge cake was amazing, I can agree with that although I had to be quick to get even a taste.

The place itself is nice, enough tables and room and a decent menu, in a good location too so we will go back I am sure.

Pret a Manger – High Street

A quick trip to Pret for a decaf latte and Choc Bar for me and a strong Americano for Kerry.

The latte was very nice as always and the Choc Bar consistently nice, nothing less than we’ve come to expect really. Kerry’s Americano was nice too. We wont harp on about London but we did want to be sat drinking them in a nicer city than Nottingham.

The place wasn’t looking it’s best, a little dishevelled but service was quick and staff friendly and attentive.

Druckers – Victoria Centre

As we were feeling a little depressed after returning from London we went to our previous favourite coffee shop, sadly it did not make us feel better…

I had a decaf latte and a chocolate cake – but the cake was ‘to go’ so doesn’t really count, Kerry had an Americano and the soup of the day, vegetable soup. First problem was the soup, they had no rolls to go with it so it came with a croissant, odd combination but worth a try she thought!

Once we sat down it was apparent the soup was cold so it was returned and swapped for a Mille-Feuille.

For no real reason I checked the receipt and realised the Americano was a decaf and the latte not, after tasting it was clear that was accurate and so drinks had to be returned too!

After that it was more a matter of just getting it over with sadly. The coffees were nice enough, but after all the messing about it seemed far less enjoyable than it was meant to be. Kerry’s cake was nice, ate half and brought half home as wasn’t really in the mood for cake in the first place!

Eat. – Lower Regents Stree

I ordered a decaf latte and a lemon curd slice, Kerry went for an Americano and croissant, total price was only £6.34, a true bargain. No fault of the establishment but we were not in the greatest place emotionally as a woman had just been knocked off her bike and Kerry thought her first aid training would be needed, luckily another first aider was on the scene and a police van also arrived quickly – the girl was not hurt and eventually rode off.

My latte was very nice, and the lemon curd slice was amazing, a shortcake bases with a layer of lemon curd and a crumble top – it did fall apart a little when I was eating it but that didn’t detract from the amazingness of it! Kerry’s croissant and Americano was really nice, the croissant was big and fresh, of course.

The cafe itself was big spacious and clean, we sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine and watching the world pass by.

Lola’s Cupcakes – Selfridges

Selfridges as a shop we really didn’t like, the only bright point was the food hall. Lola’s Cupcakes is within the food hall and specialises in, surprisingly, cupcakes!

Kerry just had an Americano whilst I had a decaf latte and a deluxe cupcake. Kerry’s Americano was nice, they had a slight shortage of sugar but it made no difference to the taste for her.

The latte was really nice, although however nice it was it would have been over-shadowed by the cupcake. It was just a simple vanilla cake with icing and an iced sharks fin on top. The cake was so soft and simply amazing, the icing fresh and creamy and the sharks fin hard but not too hard. I love cake!


Pret a Manger – Trafalgar Square

Another day another Pret! Decaf latte and Choc Bar for me, Americano and apple cake for Kerry.

My latte was very strong indeed – added 2 sugars to take the edge off but it was still a little strong, as we’d wandered off to sit in the sun in Trafalgar Square there was no more sugar to hand so I had to drink as it was. The Choc Bar was very nice – a bit like an old style rocky road bar – just made even better by a layer of chocolate on the top.

Kerry’s Americano was lovely – she says that is as always though. She found the apple cake nice but filling and stodgy, she ate half and we carefully wrapped the other half to eat at a later time.


Natural History Museum

As well as having an amazing collection of dinosaurs they have a rather minimalistic and cool cafe. I went for a decaf latte and a slice of millionaire shortcake whist Kerry opted for an Americano and a Chelsea bun, £10.10 in total.

Kerry thought her coffee was lovely and the Chelsea bun really nice – it got unrolled as it was eaten and much of the dried fruit had fallen out leaving a trail of destruction. My latte was nice, not brilliant but good enough really. The millionaire shortbread was really rather delicious, smooth soft caramel and a crumbly shortbread – I am certain it was very fresh indeed.

The cafe itself was a tad warm – it was a sunny day and being such a big building and the ceiling was high so air can wouldn’t make a difference.