Debenhams – Market Square

Although we have a growing list of new places to visit it was Kerry’s birthday and she wanted a Debenham’s breakfast, and who am I to argue?!

She went for her standard 6 item (£3.75) affair with a large white Americano (free), I had a large latte (free) and a lemon meringue muffin (£1.79). The drinks were free as I had 2 completed loyalty cards, seems we have been there a bit too often then.

The latte was lovely, so smooth and frothy, pretty much perfect. The lemon meringue muffin was very nice, never had 1 before (the quest to stick to trying new things continues), the muffin was very soft and light, in had lemon curd in the top of the cake and then icing with meringue pieces, a spot on combination as it would be very easy to make it too sweet and sickly.

Kerry didn’t enjoy her breakfast as much as usual and didn’t manage to finish it all, but she still enjoyed it – I think she was saving room for the cake I was due to bake her! Her coffee was nice though, as always.

It wasn’t as busy as we thought it would be so we got a nice window seat again and could look down on the Market Square and people watch.


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