Bagel Nash – Wheeler Gate

Our second (and not last visit) to Bagel Nash, and as promised previously it involved the partaking of savoury delights.

Kerry had a tuna mayo bagel plus cheese (45p extra) and substituting tomatoes for red onion (£4.20) with a large white Americano (£2.05). I had bacon on a cheese and jalepeno bagel (£3.75) with a grapefruit and cranberry juice (£2). because they were trying to drum up some business they were giving out vouchers outside – we were going in anyway – so got the cheaper bagel for free, a nice bonus!

Kerry’s coffee was nice and the bagel was really nice, and she would have it again, lots of cheese added, and it was filling. The juice was lovely and refreshing, a different combination, the bagel was lovely, the cheese was on top and the jelepeno in it, just hot enough, not overpowering, a good amount of bacon too, not too crispy or too soggy.

Found out this visit that they have a loyalty card, to add to the loads we already have, and it works for drinks on 1 side and bagels on the other, could come in handy really!

It was busier than the last visit, we couldn’t sit on the nice big sofa, but that’s okay as it meant others were using it. Staff really friendly and patient, service very quick and still lovely and clean.

We’ll be back!


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