Caffechino – Broadmarsh Centre

We didn’t know where to go yesterday, and looked in a few different places, but they didn’t have food that we both wanted so ended up in the Broadmarsh Centre (never a great place to go) but Caffechino is on the list of places we haven’t been to so felt like a reasonable time to get it out of the way.

Firstly the place is cheap, we both had coffee and muffin and they are on a deal for £2.75 (plus 10p extra for decaf which was less annoying given the base price). I had a latte and a raspberry muffin, Kerry had white coffee and a sticky toffee muffin.

The toffee muffin wasn’t what Kerry expected, the toffee was very hard and got stuck in her teeth, she really likes the Sainsburys ones which are soft. She said the coffee was okay and liked the fact the place was empty, maybe because it was a Sunday afternoon, although it doesn’t seem the sort of place that gets jam packed.

The latte was very nice, smooth and just the right level of strength. The raspberry muffin was very soft and tasty, made my eyes screw up a little when I got to the larger raspberries – as happens with some raspberries of course. The top of the muffin was nice and crunchy.

The cafe is in an odd place, but is clean and functional and you can watch the type of people who shop in the Broadmarsh (I am not a snob I am just better than them). They have a good loyalty card scheme too, you only need to purchase 5 drink to get 1 free, and as they do take away as well I can see me popping there on the way home sometimes, at least until the loyalty card is used.


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