Costa – Victoria Centre

Neither of us was in an adventurous mood and Kerry wasn’t feeling great and needed something to eat, and Costa, Victoria Centre, was the nearest. I have had issues with this particular Costa before but Kerry had not been so I thought it best to give it the benefit of the doubt.

I has a large decaf latte (£2.65) and giant Belgian chocolate teacake (£1.80) , Kerry had a large Americano (£2.40) and a toasted teacake (£1.55). When putting things on the tray the girl serving noticed a mark on the knife, and carefully wiped it with her fingers – not sure that’s the way your supposed to clean cutlery!


The toasted teacake arrived quickly, it was a little squashed as they use a press rather than a toaster so the butter has no-where to soak in to really. The Americano was okay, nothing special though. My latte was nice, best I have had in that particular Costa for a while. The chocolate teacake was lovely, the Belgian chocolate was probably too posh really, I am used to nothing of better quality than Cadbury’s on them.

The place was fairly clean, not too busy either, not a Costa I really ever want to go – it needs to learn something from the other Nottingham Costa really.


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