Bagel Nash – Wheeler Gate

We’ve walked past this place a couple of times and kept meaning to try it out even though neither of us has ever had a bagel before.

I had a large decaf latte (£2.45) and a plain bagel with jam (£1.95), Kerry had a large Americano (£2.05) and a slice of chocolate fudge cake (£2.50) as she was a little scared of trying a bagel when hungry in case she didn’t like it.

Firstly the restaurant was immaculate, it’s been open about 6 months but still looks brand new. It took us a few minutes to decide what to have as there is a quite long menu to choose from, even though we both went for simple options it was worth looking at everything on offer! There are 2 levels of seating and we went upstairs, lots of 2 and 4 seater tables and we chose a nice big sofa. After a few minutes the bagel and coffees were delivered.


Kerry’s Americano was really nice, she loved it, nice and strong and a good sized cup. The chocolate fudge cake was amazing, very moist but not too rich, prefect sized too. My latte was really nice too, very smooth and tasty. The bagel was really nice, never had one before as said before but I will be having them again, savoury next time, fancy a breakfast one – bacon on a cheese and jalapeño bagel.

We will definitely be going back, as long as it stays open of course, it did not seem very busy even though it was approaching lunch time, shame if somewhere a little different kind find enough business in a decent sized city to stay open.


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