The Range – Lady Bay Retail Park

A second visit for The Range in fairly quick succession, that was due to a combination of shopping in that area, lack of alternatives, and lovely cakes previously.

Kerry had a regular Americano (£1.70) and a cinnamon bun (£1.95), I had a regular decaf latte (£1.95) and scone (£1.65).

Kerry’s coffee was okay, quite bitter so took a little extra sugar than usual. My coffee was not nice, she made the latte using decaf instant coffee and it did not work, added some sugar to make it drinkable but it was not enjoyable.

My scone was nice, a good size, I only added the butter and not the jam as it wasn’t needed, so that went home. Kerry’s cinnamon bun was very nice, consistent with the ones she had previously and she wishes they were sold in the store to take away.

The lady who served us (Stella) didn’t seem happy to be at work and was sure we knew it, over-filled the coffee and then spilled it, over-charged us, took umbrage to asking for a butter portion as 1 with the scone had melted, gave refund on over-charge although that was clearly our fault and generally wasn’t a happy sparkling customer facing type of person!


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