Muffin Break – Victoria Centre

Firstly an apology, sorry to the loyal reader who requested a more independent establishment be visited, that will happen but this weekend we were both a bit under the weather so went for what was close to where we were going rather than adventuring further afield.

Muffin Break is a franchise and so each one isn’t exactly the same but also they are not that different.

Kerry went for an Americano and chocolate fudge cake and I had a decaf latte and crispy slice, another apology for the lack of prices but I forgot to ask for a receipt, and then threw away the bit of paper I wrote the prices on. Suffice to say it was just under £10 all told, and I had a loyalty card (after 5 hot drinks you get 1 for free) so that reduced the price to around £7.50.

The latte was drinkable, nothing special, and very oddly it came in a glass, not a glass mug as some places do but a normal glass, maybe they had run out or maybe they just wanted me to burn myself as I attempted to drink it! The crispy slice (rice crispsies moulded into a square with chocolate on top and a sliver of mars bar) was nice buy a bit too big, a lot of sweetness of course and could have been half the size easily, and with a thinner layer of chocolate on top too – not often I complain about the size of a sweet of it’s sweetness. I ate it all of course but it did turn into a battle toward the end.

Kerry’s coffee was very much the same, nothing special but filled the hole. The chocolate fudge cake was very sickly and she left about a quarter of it – serving too big again!

The coffee shop itself isn’t very nice, it is drab and functional at best, the serving area is boxed in and looks half finished and the tables are close together and snug. It comes across as the sort of place that the same people go to time after time and they have not expectations other that a functional drink and something to eat that they know will always be the same. I don’t think we’ll become one of their like though.


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