Debenhams – Market Square

Although we have a growing list of new places to visit it was Kerry’s birthday and she wanted a Debenham’s breakfast, and who am I to argue?!

She went for her standard 6 item (£3.75) affair with a large white Americano (free), I had a large latte (free) and a lemon meringue muffin (£1.79). The drinks were free as I had 2 completed loyalty cards, seems we have been there a bit too often then.

The latte was lovely, so smooth and frothy, pretty much perfect. The lemon meringue muffin was very nice, never had 1 before (the quest to stick to trying new things continues), the muffin was very soft and light, in had lemon curd in the top of the cake and then icing with meringue pieces, a spot on combination as it would be very easy to make it too sweet and sickly.

Kerry didn’t enjoy her breakfast as much as usual and didn’t manage to finish it all, but she still enjoyed it – I think she was saving room for the cake I was due to bake her! Her coffee was nice though, as always.

It wasn’t as busy as we thought it would be so we got a nice window seat again and could look down on the Market Square and people watch.


Bagel Nash – Wheeler Gate

Our second (and not last visit) to Bagel Nash, and as promised previously it involved the partaking of savoury delights.

Kerry had a tuna mayo bagel plus cheese (45p extra) and substituting tomatoes for red onion (£4.20) with a large white Americano (£2.05). I had bacon on a cheese and jalepeno bagel (£3.75) with a grapefruit and cranberry juice (£2). because they were trying to drum up some business they were giving out vouchers outside – we were going in anyway – so got the cheaper bagel for free, a nice bonus!

Kerry’s coffee was nice and the bagel was really nice, and she would have it again, lots of cheese added, and it was filling. The juice was lovely and refreshing, a different combination, the bagel was lovely, the cheese was on top and the jelepeno in it, just hot enough, not overpowering, a good amount of bacon too, not too crispy or too soggy.

Found out this visit that they have a loyalty card, to add to the loads we already have, and it works for drinks on 1 side and bagels on the other, could come in handy really!

It was busier than the last visit, we couldn’t sit on the nice big sofa, but that’s okay as it meant others were using it. Staff really friendly and patient, service very quick and still lovely and clean.

We’ll be back!

Caffechino – Broadmarsh Centre

We didn’t know where to go yesterday, and looked in a few different places, but they didn’t have food that we both wanted so ended up in the Broadmarsh Centre (never a great place to go) but Caffechino is on the list of places we haven’t been to so felt like a reasonable time to get it out of the way.

Firstly the place is cheap, we both had coffee and muffin and they are on a deal for £2.75 (plus 10p extra for decaf which was less annoying given the base price). I had a latte and a raspberry muffin, Kerry had white coffee and a sticky toffee muffin.

The toffee muffin wasn’t what Kerry expected, the toffee was very hard and got stuck in her teeth, she really likes the Sainsburys ones which are soft. She said the coffee was okay and liked the fact the place was empty, maybe because it was a Sunday afternoon, although it doesn’t seem the sort of place that gets jam packed.

The latte was very nice, smooth and just the right level of strength. The raspberry muffin was very soft and tasty, made my eyes screw up a little when I got to the larger raspberries – as happens with some raspberries of course. The top of the muffin was nice and crunchy.

The cafe is in an odd place, but is clean and functional and you can watch the type of people who shop in the Broadmarsh (I am not a snob I am just better than them). They have a good loyalty card scheme too, you only need to purchase 5 drink to get 1 free, and as they do take away as well I can see me popping there on the way home sometimes, at least until the loyalty card is used.

Costa – Victoria Centre

Neither of us was in an adventurous mood and Kerry wasn’t feeling great and needed something to eat, and Costa, Victoria Centre, was the nearest. I have had issues with this particular Costa before but Kerry had not been so I thought it best to give it the benefit of the doubt.

I has a large decaf latte (£2.65) and giant Belgian chocolate teacake (£1.80) , Kerry had a large Americano (£2.40) and a toasted teacake (£1.55). When putting things on the tray the girl serving noticed a mark on the knife, and carefully wiped it with her fingers – not sure that’s the way your supposed to clean cutlery!


The toasted teacake arrived quickly, it was a little squashed as they use a press rather than a toaster so the butter has no-where to soak in to really. The Americano was okay, nothing special though. My latte was nice, best I have had in that particular Costa for a while. The chocolate teacake was lovely, the Belgian chocolate was probably too posh really, I am used to nothing of better quality than Cadbury’s on them.

The place was fairly clean, not too busy either, not a Costa I really ever want to go – it needs to learn something from the other Nottingham Costa really.

Bagel Nash – Wheeler Gate

We’ve walked past this place a couple of times and kept meaning to try it out even though neither of us has ever had a bagel before.

I had a large decaf latte (£2.45) and a plain bagel with jam (£1.95), Kerry had a large Americano (£2.05) and a slice of chocolate fudge cake (£2.50) as she was a little scared of trying a bagel when hungry in case she didn’t like it.

Firstly the restaurant was immaculate, it’s been open about 6 months but still looks brand new. It took us a few minutes to decide what to have as there is a quite long menu to choose from, even though we both went for simple options it was worth looking at everything on offer! There are 2 levels of seating and we went upstairs, lots of 2 and 4 seater tables and we chose a nice big sofa. After a few minutes the bagel and coffees were delivered.


Kerry’s Americano was really nice, she loved it, nice and strong and a good sized cup. The chocolate fudge cake was amazing, very moist but not too rich, prefect sized too. My latte was really nice too, very smooth and tasty. The bagel was really nice, never had one before as said before but I will be having them again, savoury next time, fancy a breakfast one – bacon on a cheese and jalapeño bagel.

We will definitely be going back, as long as it stays open of course, it did not seem very busy even though it was approaching lunch time, shame if somewhere a little different kind find enough business in a decent sized city to stay open.

The Range – Lady Bay Retail Park

A second visit for The Range in fairly quick succession, that was due to a combination of shopping in that area, lack of alternatives, and lovely cakes previously.

Kerry had a regular Americano (£1.70) and a cinnamon bun (£1.95), I had a regular decaf latte (£1.95) and scone (£1.65).

Kerry’s coffee was okay, quite bitter so took a little extra sugar than usual. My coffee was not nice, she made the latte using decaf instant coffee and it did not work, added some sugar to make it drinkable but it was not enjoyable.

My scone was nice, a good size, I only added the butter and not the jam as it wasn’t needed, so that went home. Kerry’s cinnamon bun was very nice, consistent with the ones she had previously and she wishes they were sold in the store to take away.

The lady who served us (Stella) didn’t seem happy to be at work and was sure we knew it, over-filled the coffee and then spilled it, over-charged us, took umbrage to asking for a butter portion as 1 with the scone had melted, gave refund on over-charge although that was clearly our fault and generally wasn’t a happy sparkling customer facing type of person!

Muffin Break – Victoria Centre

Firstly an apology, sorry to the loyal reader who requested a more independent establishment be visited, that will happen but this weekend we were both a bit under the weather so went for what was close to where we were going rather than adventuring further afield.

Muffin Break is a franchise and so each one isn’t exactly the same but also they are not that different.

Kerry went for an Americano and chocolate fudge cake and I had a decaf latte and crispy slice, another apology for the lack of prices but I forgot to ask for a receipt, and then threw away the bit of paper I wrote the prices on. Suffice to say it was just under £10 all told, and I had a loyalty card (after 5 hot drinks you get 1 for free) so that reduced the price to around £7.50.

The latte was drinkable, nothing special, and very oddly it came in a glass, not a glass mug as some places do but a normal glass, maybe they had run out or maybe they just wanted me to burn myself as I attempted to drink it! The crispy slice (rice crispsies moulded into a square with chocolate on top and a sliver of mars bar) was nice buy a bit too big, a lot of sweetness of course and could have been half the size easily, and with a thinner layer of chocolate on top too – not often I complain about the size of a sweet of it’s sweetness. I ate it all of course but it did turn into a battle toward the end.

Kerry’s coffee was very much the same, nothing special but filled the hole. The chocolate fudge cake was very sickly and she left about a quarter of it – serving too big again!

The coffee shop itself isn’t very nice, it is drab and functional at best, the serving area is boxed in and looks half finished and the tables are close together and snug. It comes across as the sort of place that the same people go to time after time and they have not expectations other that a functional drink and something to eat that they know will always be the same. I don’t think we’ll become one of their like though.

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