The Range – Lady Bay Retail Park

After doing some browsing in the store we went to the coffee shop, it is nicely situated looking down on the store and great for people watching, some nice comfy sofas too which we took over, much to the envy of those who followed us.

Kerry had a large Americano (£2.20) and a cinnamon bun (£1.95), the latter was chosen via the toss of a coin, it was between that and the chocolate cake, as the cinnamon bun won it was down to me to force myself to have the chocolate cake (£2.55) as well as a large latte (£2.45).

They only do decaf coffee, so the latte was full powered and I could taste it, added a couple of brown sugars which lessened the bitterness somewhat and it was really nice, a good big cup for the price paid. The chocolate cake was sublime, so soft, a nice layer of cream in the middle and on top, made the John Lewis effort from yesterday seem even more like rubbish.

Kerry’s coffee was really nice, very strong again and took more sugar than usual to tame it, but she is fine with adding extra sugar without worrying, again a good sized cup and excellent value for money. The cinnamon bun was gorgeous and she was glad the coin dictated that she had it, I tried it (not a big cinnamon fan) and liked it too.

A really good experience, we sat for far longer than we intended to as there was a relaxed air, good coffee, people to watch, and kisses to share. Best place we’ve been for coffee for quite some time, and the expectations were quite low really, although not sure why now.


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