John Lewis Espresso Bar – Victoria Centre

As most things John Lewis this is a rather smart establishment, tacked on to the main department store in Nottingham, it is quite well laid out, enough tables but with enough space to move between them, although it can get over busy at times – there is a seating area outside in the main shopping centre which is supposed to be just for its customer’s but it gets used by people who have bought food from anywhere.

I had a decaf latte (£2.30) and a slice of chocolate and orange fudge cake (£3.50) and Kerry had an Americano (£2.20) and a vanilla slice (£3.20). The latte was not massive, no choices in size and for the price it did not seem big enough, it did tasted really nice, there was just not enough of it. Had it been a bit cheaper I would have had a second.

The chocolate and orange fudge cake was disappointing, the slice was a good size but the cake was dry and pretty much flavourless. Eating it felt like a chore when I was hoping to savour and enjoy it. The chocolate topping was okay, it added some taste at least but not something I would have again.

Kerry’s Americano was a better size, it was nice and very strong, requiring extra sugar. The vanilla slice was nice as well apart from the thin layer of jam at the bottom, we could not work out what type of jam it was, but she did not like it and so that layer got left.

Overall a fairly disappointing experience, not one we would look to repeat any time soon.


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