Costa – Listergate

Before we found Druckers this was our favourite coffee shop and may still be for general day to day drinks I think. It has so much room but for some reason everyone gathers downstairs so we always go upstairs, nice comfy sofa’s and some rather interesting chairs, it does not look like part of a chain.

I went for a decaf medio latte (£2.15) and a raspberry and almond bake (£1.80) whilst Kerry had a medio Americano (£2.20) and a croissant (£1.30), and they charge extra for butter, which is fare enough but 20p per portion seemed a little steep really.

The latte was lovely and smooth, perfect temperature to have a sip but then not have to leave for ages to continue drinking. The raspberry and almond bake was amazing, I’ve never had it before but it was the perfect blend of cake to jam and the added crunch of the almond means I will be having it again.


Kerry’s croissant was very nice, a good size and buttery – helped by the extra butter of course. Her coffee was good too, needed a little extra milk but the croissant took over her concentration so some coffee was left as it got cold in that time.

The table was wobbly but we found that out after a small spill and trying to bodge it with a napkin failed so we were just careful. They also have a small table for two that looks perfect for a couple of 8 year-olds on a date, really odd as they shouldn’t be going out for coffee, or maybe Nottingham has a bigger small person population than I thought!


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