Starbucks – North Parade

This Starbucks has recently been refurbished, and the distinctive green sign has gone, most disconcerting really!

I opted for a grande decaf latte (£2.50)  and chocolate cake (£2.10), Kerry had a grande white Americano (£2.10) and some luxury fruit toast (£1.65). The order was taken quickly, many staff in attendance which is a nice change to some places we’ve been to. They take your name still, but when the drinks were ready no-one actually shouted, it was just fortunate I went to see if they were ready.

The new layout is quite interesting, lots of stools and benches at tables, not really made for hanging around too long but we managed it okay.

The latte was lovely, very smooth and just strong enough to have taste but no need for sugar. Kerry’s Americano was nice, needed quite a lot of sugar – but they always do, nothing to do with the strength of the coffee, more an addiction to the white stuff. He luxury fruit toast was really nice, the butter was cold so took a while to melt into it, that just delayed the satisfaction though, only complaint was with trying to use a plastic knife to spread butter that was harder that the knife! The chocolate cake was a bit dryer than i expected but it was nice too, I prefer a slightly lower cake to cream ratio, but maybe I am just a pig!

Overall a really enjoyable experience, we chose the wrong place to sit as it was very busy and we were close to the counter, excellent for people watching though.


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