Druckers – Victoria Centre

Yes, we went there again! We promise to try somewhere different next time, but Druckers is like a big warm woolly jumper for us, just one with lovely cakes.

I had a latte (£2.15) and double chocolate cake (£3.10) and Kerry had an Americano (£1.90) and apple cake (£2.70), neither of us had the cream, I do not like fresh cream and Kerry wasn’t in the mood for it, as it costs 70p extra I did not argue of course – I am still a little bitter at paying for an extra when they do not tell you it costs more to have it!

We both wished we had opted for the large drinks but they were both really nice, the latte was lovely and creamy, not too strong or week – just right, no sugar needed. Kerry’s Americano was nice too, not too strong either, she added less sugar than normal, a combination of less bitter coffee and a smaller cup taking effect.

Her apple cake was lovely too, she demolished it very quickly, the only thing she would change with it would be to remove the almonds from the top, but there are rarely many and they are simple to remove. My chocolate cake was nice, I have had it before and last time it was nicer, this time it did seem a little cold, I should have left it a few minutes but it was a chocolate cake in front of me and leaving it was no option! It is the perfect level of cake to filling, with a profiterole of the top for good measure.

This will be our last trip to Druckers for a little while, although we love it we need to go elsewhere, or when we do visit Druckers have something different…


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