Debenhams – Market Square

Someone said this morning “can we go for breakfast?” in a cute little voice, and how could I say no! I knew where we would be going, and we got there before it was open (later opening with it being a bank holiday to excuse her a little).

Kerry had a large Americano (£2.30) and the 6 item breakfast (£3.75), I have a pot of tea (£1.70) and fruit toast (£1.79), we saved our 10% again of course. I was going to have a lemon meringue muffin but was looking around whilst Kerry’s breakfast was being sorted out and found an area I hadn’t looked at before and saw the fruit toast and it seemed more breakfast suitable than cake.

The tea was lovely, you easily get 2 cups from the pot, and it was really nice, not sure what tea it was but it wasn’t a cheap brand. I find tea much less heavy and more refreshing and it was spot on. The fruit toast was sublime, I had butter rather than low fat spread and it melted into the toast and tasted really nice, two slices was just the right amount, I will be having it again for sure.

Kerry loved the breakfast, the bacon was a little fatty for her and after asking the serving lady a couple of times for different rashers she felt a bit guilty so took what she was given after the third request! her coffee was lovely too, the large drinks are large indeed, only just enough room to add the milk, but no way we will complain for getting too much coffee.

Because the shop had only just opened the restaurant was nice and quiet, but unlike BHS a few days ago the empty space didn’t feel oppressive. We sat in what is becoming our usual area overlooking the Market Square and watched the world pass by as we ate and drank.


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