Caffe Nero – Milton Street

As usual Kerry had an Americano (£2.05) and I had a decaf latte (£2.45), one of the annoyances is that I have to pay 10p extra for choosing decaf, not a big amount of course but I’ve not encountered any other coffee shops that charge extra for it.

We both opted for muffins, I went for the white chocolate and raspberry whilst Kerry had a double chocolate variety. Mine was really nice, very soft underneath with a nice crisp top, aided by the sprinkling of sugar. Rather than the raspberry being a gooey centre or large lumps it seems to be more of a purée mixed into the mixture.


Kerry’s chocolate muffin was nice and soft too, she didn’t eat it all but we carefully wrapped the remaining part and it was still soft a few hours later when she finished it.

The latte was rather bitter, with a couple of brown sugars it was much more appetising, although still not brilliant and possibly a little colder than would be expected. The Americano was nice, not amazing she said but she definitely enjoys her coffee stronger than me.

They were very busy but we managed to get a sofa (which I fell into as it was very soft) and then watched as people left just as the next customers were ready to sit down, unlike the Costa we visited a few weeks ago it wasn’t oppressively busy and we didn’t feel rushed to leave once our drinks had finished.


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