BHS – Broadmarsh Centre

We had a few places to go to at the end of Nottingham where the choices are a little more limited but Kerry had a hankering to try out BHS (British Home Stores).

I had a decaf latte (£2.20) and fruit scone with jam (£1.75) whilst Kerry had an Americano (£1.90) and a 5 item breakfast (£1.99). The service was a little slow, Kerry heard them saying it had been busier than they expected and we saw about 6 other tables being used out of a good 20, so clearly not a popular place! Even though it was breakfast time there was a 7 minute wait for bacon so Kerry had the last sausage instead.

The latte was okay, even though I am not a fan of strong coffee I thought it was weak. Kerry’s Americano was nice. Both were good sized for the prices paid too, no complaints on that side.

Her breakfast was okay, she was a little annoyed about bacon not being available and the fact that the toast was part of the 5 items whereas at Debenhams you get toast on top of however many items you have.

The scone was nice, I had blackcurrant jam on half of it and I had forgotten just how good it was, the scone did seem a bit mass produced as they had all looked too similar, the only choice was the type of jam.

The restaurant itself is dated, it wasn’t until we left that I realised that the general atmosphere and ambience left me feeling depressed! No windows in the restaurant, a few pictures of other items they serve and the shop sells and very little colour. To access the toilets you have to use a code from the receipt, which doesn’t give a great impression of the type of people who may try to use them otherwise.

We both decided that it isn’t somewhere we would willingly visit again, Kerry compared it to Debenhams as that is her current favourite place to eat breakfast at and it does not compare in the slightest.


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