Delilah – Victoria Street

Neither of us had ever been to Delilah before, I had often walked past both it’s old and new sparkly location but never felt confident enough to go in for a drink, it is rather posh after all! As well as a restaurant it is a food shop, very popular with a certain type of person and has won many awards. Being an independent shop it is the sort of place I would love to shop at if only I had the money.

We sat on the mezzanine, you have to be sat by a waitress which is nicer than having to fight for a seat as in many places. We chose seats overlooking the shop as Kerry loves to people watch and I am becoming more adept at pointing things out for her too. The waitress took our order and told us there may be a slight delay on the drinks as they were very busy, that was fine as at least we were warned.

We had our usual Americano (£2.10) and latte (£2.10) and it was refreshing that there is no choice of sizes to consider. As it is Easter I had a hot cross bun (£2.25) and Kerry had a plain croissant (£2.25). The drinks arrived no slower than they would in a non-waitress service restaurant, but the food took some time more. This was a shame as Kerry’s drink had noticeably cooled in that time, mine had not and I even managed to burn my lip, my own fault but that didn’t make it hurt any less.

The menu looked interesting, we only wanted drinks and a snack as it was mid-morning but there was a lot of interest to choose from, some of the specials looked tasty even if I may have had to ask what some of the ingredients actually were. Artisan sandwiches seem to be a speciality.

The latte was rather strong, forgot to ask for decaf too, but nice enough. The Americano was very average  too, apart from it getting cold a little quickly. The hot cross bun was nice but not worth the price, it was a little too sticky for me, I prefer then a bit more dense and less sweet, even with butter it didn’t help massively. The croissant was okay, very buttery even before any butter was added, and was a little too crisp for Kerry’s taste.

Overall we were a little disappointed, we had really high hopes for the place given that it is so smart, the staff were excellent, very friendly, but we just felt let down really, Kerry summed it up well by saying it was an experience, not in a bad way as such, more implying that at least we could say we had been, we just may not return too soon unless it was for something  a little more filling/experimental.


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