Druckers – Victoria Centre

Firstly we have a confession to make, Druckers is our favourite place to go for a coffee, that was one reason we started the blog, to make us try different places!

The drinks were the usual Americano (large £2.65) and latte (large £2.75), Kerry went for the apple cake (£2.70) with cream (an extra at 70p) and I had a Jap Fancy (£2.15). The Jap Fancy is an odd thing, it seems to refer to different things to different people, but for Druckers it is a meringue, cream/praline, crushed hazelnut combo.


Kerry loved the apple cake and I really enjoyed the Jap fancy, the only problem with it is a structural one – the meringue is at the top and is harder that the cream/praline underneath, so it all squashes down and goes all over the plate, still really nice, just never try to eat with your hands!


The coffees were really nice and the atmosphere in the restaurant was relaxed as always, we even got our usual table at the back where we can laugh at people trying to find the toilets – tip; they don;t have any, but the main ones for the shopping centre are right alongside.

We will be going back of course, drinks may stay the same but we are always open to trying the different cakes.


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