Debenhams – Market Square

Yesterday Kerry fancied a proper full English breakfast and her favourite place for this is currently Debenhams so we braved the snow, I slipped and slid and worried my way there in proper boots whilst she just trotted in her flat boots without issues!

Kerry had a 6 piece breakfast (£3.75) with an Americano (£2.05) and I went for a latte (£2.40) and a fruit scone (£1.69), as I have a Debenhams credit card we get 10% off all purchases in the restaurant, over time that adds up and is a nice little bonus, especially as they have the fairly standard card to stamp for a free drink after so many too.

The latte was lovely, very smooth, and the scone was good too, an odd shape which made buttering a bit tricky. Kerry’s breakfast looked awesome, and the toast that comes as standard (so technically you choose 6 items and get toast on top) was beautiful, not bog standard bread from a loaf but fresh white bread. She said the breakfast was awesome and I did feel a little jealous, her coffee was really nice too, although she was concentrating more on the food at the time!

One bonus with Debenhams is that it is on the third floor and overlooks the Market Square so if you can get a window seat you can look down on the world below – given the nasty weather thee wasn’t a lot to watch but still nicer than no view at all.


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