Costa – Friar Lane

This was a work day visit and they are always more enjoyable of course. We only had a short time so chose the closest coffee shop we could find which happened to be another Costa.

I had a decaf latte (£2.45) and a caramel shortbread (£1.80) and Kerry had an Americano (£2.20) and a Belgium brownie (£1.85). My drink was far superior to the last latte I had in a Costa, lovely and smooth, just wished I’d got a bigger cup! Kerry’s drink was okay, not as good as she has had previously but not actually bad.

The caramel shortbread was so good I wanted a second slice, the biscuit was slightly warm and so it crumbled to the bite. The brownie was nice but Kerry is more of a cake fan so this was something a bit different from her, she particularly enjoyed the white chocolate chunks.

The cafe itself was busy upstairs but the downstairs area was nice and quiet, and warm – which was good given that it was snowing outside.  This seems to be the best stand alone Costa in Nottingham at present, the staff were friendly and service was efficient.


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