Costa – Castle Marina

This was a pre-planned trip to Costa as it was on the way to other places we wanted to go to, being in an out of town retail park I didn’t expect it to be too busy but boy was I wrong!

it is not the largest place and it was packed, Kerry managed to grab the last table whilst I went to get the drinks – not totally sure on the etiquette of table bagging but as there wasn’t a queue at the counter I don’t think it was that wrong. Kerry had a medium white Americano (£2.20) and a chocolate muffin (1.80), I had a latte (£2.45) and Belgian Praline Tart (£1.95).

The staff seemed rather harassed and not too engaging, although when we needed extra milk that wasn’t a problem. The latte was nothing special, it was a bit gritty at the bottom and did seem rushed when it was being made. The Americano was strong, which was good as that is how she likes it, and as we were sat next to the sugar making it sweet was no issue.

The muffin was really soft and lovely, as they always seem to be from Costa, the praline tart was not what I expected, it was a little harder than I thought it would be, it was nice but more like a big biscuit than a tart so felt a little expensive.

Because it was so busy the atmosphere was a little oppressive, we didn’t feel like staying any longer than we had to. There were too many tables in a small space really and it felt like they didn’t want you to hang about, a feeling solidified by the fact that the table was cleaned whilst I was till sat at it.

This is a store which is not one to hang about in, it’s there because it fills a need, which is fine, unless you want to sit and relax over a nice drink of course.


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